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Automobiles: A Catalyst for International Cultural Exchange - Beijing Auto Museum Attends Conference

By Conference of 2016 ICOM Source 벩 Published2016-08-10

On July 3rd 2016, Beijing Auto Museum went to Italy to attend the 24th conference of ICOM. It’s another international cultural exchange activity based on carrier-automobiles after the culture exchange between Beijing Auto Museum and France, America, Russia and Germany.

1. Carry Forwarding China Ancient Chariot Culture by international platform

Taking the contribution of Chinese culture to world civilization and Chinese chariot culture as a visual angle on this exhibition, Beijing Auto Museum reveals the evolution process of South-pointing carriage and Record distance vehicle which represents Chinese ancient chariot culture; also through the change of character pattern for “”across thousands of years, it displays to the world that the development process of character “”from oracle bone inscriptions to bronze inscriptions, and then from small seal script to clerical script. Besides, the exhibition of pictures of rubbings for character “” which attract many foreign visitors and brother museums, promotes the Chinese ancient craft and disseminates Chinese extensive and profound traditional culture. One of the visitors from brother museums said that even he had never come to China, but here he could feel the charm of Chinese characters and in future he would make sure to come to China and travel around.

The Evolution Process of Character “”

Chairman and vice Chairman of ICOM visit the booth of Beijing Auto Museum and make rubbings of character “” by themselves.

2. Promoting Chinese Automobile Brands according to museum resource

Besides the promotion of Chinese ancient chariot, Beijing Auto Museum also brought the story of Chinese nation’s car Red Flag to the cultural cradle of Europe- Italy. From the evolution process of Red Flag in 60 years, the foreigners and brother museums get to know the historical development process of Chinese society, and feel the “Red Flag Spirit” from the old generation automobile persons, and then understand closely the craftsmanship of China and Chinese people. In addition, under the support of BAIC Group, Beijing Auto Museum displays the latest model of BAIC Group D80 on this exhibition to promote the brand of Beijing and get good reaction.

Nation’s car Red Flag
Model D80 of BAIC Group

3. Propelling Regional Development with Automobile as a Carrier

On this exhibition, with the help of international platform, Beijing Auto Museum not only communicates with many museums to promote automobile culture and intensifies cultural exchange with automobiles as a carrier, but also presents travel culture of Fengtai District of Beijing. So, it will further push automobile cultural exchange forward among countries, cities, automobiles and people and then improves the cultural soft power of Fengtai. Many of visitors and museum industry friends on the exhibition indicates that after seeing the display of this exhibition, they would make sure to come to Beijing, to Fengtai and also Beijing Auto Museum to visit in future.


This exhibition not only enhances the international transmission and exchange of automobile culture, but also gains experience of international exhibition. As a young museum, Beijing Auto Museum is welcoming visitors at home and broad with dramatic changes. It’s believed that Beijing Auto Museum has been a new name card of Fengtai District.