Greek Ambassador vows to deepen cooperation and exchanges with China

People's Daily Online2014-08-01

The Greek Ambassador to China Vassilios Costis gave an interview to People’s Daily Online on July 21st 2014. In the interview, the ambassador covered various topics including high-level exchanges, Chinese investment in Greece, potential areas for cooperat

Biographer donates interviews and other material to Shanghai Library

Global Times2014-06-26

Ye Yonglie (pictured below), the 73-year-old Shanghai writer, is well-known for his biographies of major public figures in China.
During his writing career, which has spanned nearly half a century, Ye has interviewed and published biographical essays or

History on canvas

Global Times2014-04-16

A painting named The Butterfly Lovers features neither butterflies nor lovers, but instead a group of musicians sitting around with their instruments in discussion.

Laszlo Montgomery:History in the making


Over the past three and a half years, Laszlo Montgomery has uploaded 127 episodes of his China History Podcast, each of which took him an average of 18 to 20 hours of research, writing, recording and editing.

Exclusive interview – Mick Aston: an archaeological journey

Current archaeology2013-06-08

Real-life Archaeologists rarely become household names. Mick Aston is an exception. A defining voice in the development of Time Team and stalwart of the show since its first season in 1994, Mick’s resignation earlier this year ignited a media firestorm. H